April Vollmer mokuhanga print, International Exhibition

Juried Int’l Exhibition


Discipline & Sensibility


The IMC2017 Hawaii Local Committee is thrilled to announce the selections for the International Juried Exhibition “Beauty of Mokuhanga: Discipline & Sensibility” 木版画の美:修練と感性 which includes a mokuhanga print section and a hand-printed artists’ book section. This is the central exhibition of the Third International Mokuhanga Conference which will be held for the first time outside Japan. To celebrate the expansion of this conference the exhibition is designed to bridge times, places, generations and disciplines through a celebration of the tradition of mokuhanga. The conference will nurture the discipline of mokuhanga and its special sensibility in order to foster innovative use of this traditional technique. The exhibition will help us understand the depth of the history of mokuhanga and promote the study and practice of mokuhanga printmaking in the global art community.

August 21, Monday – October 1, Sunday, 2017

University of Hawaii at Manoa, Dept. of Arts & Art History/Art Building Gallery
2535 McCarthy Mall, Honolulu, HI 96822; The gallery is a five minute walk from the Hawaii Imin International Conference Center.
+1 808 956 8251 or 808 956 6888 (gallery)

Gallery Hours:
Regular Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm; Sunday 12:00 noon to 4:00pm

Conference Hours:
Thursday, Sept. 28 – Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017 10:00am to 4:00pm

Public Closing Reception:
October 1, Sunday, 3:00 to 5:00pm

Jurors for Juried International Mokuhanga Prints & Art-books Exhibition:

  • Charles Cohan
    IMC2017 Local Committee Site Co-Chair, Prof. Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI; Director, Arm and Roller Press, Honolulu, HI, USA
  • Karen Kunc
    Former IMC Board Chair, Cather Prof. Art at Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE; Director & Owner of Constellation Studios, Lincoln, NE, USA
  • Ralph Kiggell
    IMC2017 Board Vice-Chair, Independent Artist, Educator, UK/Thailand
  • Duncan Dempster
    IMC2017 Local Committee Site Co-Chair, Executive Director of Honolulu Printmakers, Lecturer at Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
  • Keiko Hara
    Emeritus Professor of Art, WhitmanCollege in Walla Walla WA, Independent Artist, Japan/USA

Selected artists:

  • Baldwin, KatieNeighborhood RaftUSA
  • Baldwin, KatieNeighborhood RaftsUSA
  • Berio, Iigustro GiovanniAmaterasu: the dance of SunItaly
  • Bianco, allisonThe Old Jamestown Bridge, Going, GoneUSA
  • Bissett, AnniePaint By Number Yellow LabUSA
  • Broder, DonnaJudo Masters #1USA
  • Cheong, Hoi IAbove and BelowMacau (S.E. Asia)
  • Cheong, Hoi IAkiMacau (S.E. Asia)
  • Clarke, NeiltonLoaded BeautyAustralia/Japan
  • Clarke, NeiltonAkigawa Spinner (33rpm)Australia/Japan
  • Cozzolino, MaraTokyo dreamerItaly
  • Cozzolino, MaraAwakeningItaly
  • Crawford, JohnCoal and Crops collideAustralia
  • de Haan, JudithMount Fuji II Norway
  • Evertson, WilliamSearching for the MoonUSA
  • Evertson, WilliamTimes SquareUSA
  • Ewart, JolantaShardsAustralia
  • Forrest, ElizabethTwo PinesCanada
  • Forrest, ElizabethThe Reflective UnconsciousCanada
  • Fukushima, ChihiroEmpty (1)Japan
  • Fukushima, ChihiroEmpty (2)Japan
  • Furchgott, EveFungalUSA
  • Furchgott, EveBoth Sides NowUSA
  • Gabriele, RichardMagic Carpet No.19USA
  • Gorni, ElettraMAPItaly
  • Gorni, ElettraThe Untied KnotItaly
  • Gribbin, JacquelineWithin the Sand SheetsAustralia
  • Gribbin, JacquelineShifting Sands (Utricularia minutissima)Australia
  • Hamada, MichikoSHKJapan
  • Hamada, MichikoMTYJapan
  • Hey, HenrikThe long JourneyNetherlands
  • Hiser, AnnadayAlong the way…number 11USA
  • Hiser, AnnadayAlong the way…number 4USA
  • Howard, DarylWhere I never feel aloneUSA
  • Howard, DarylWhere I wade into lightUSA
  • Hulsey, SarahIn the Words of FourierUSA
  • Jarvis, GeorgeHane V1USA/Japan
  • Jarvis, GeorgeKuronekoUSA/Japan
  • Jesse, MarikoMeyer Lemon Curd RecipeUSA
  • Jones, CharlotteTidal Pool II, Port aux ChoixCanada
  • Jones, CharlotteTidal Pool 1Canada
  • Kashiwagi, YuukiThen the Spreading EarthJapan
  • Kavanagh, AnnFishing at Lake KawaguchikoIreland
  • Kavanagh, AnnJapanese Garden Yellow SpaceIreland
  • Kean, RoslynTime with Tradition 4Australia
  • Kean, RoslynShadow of Time 3Australia
  • Keckes, IrenaBlack Print # 24Croatia/USA
  • Keckes, IrenaBlack Print # 23Croatia/USA
  • Krenik, JohnNine to FiveUSA
  • Krohn, InariMetamorphosis (Art Book)Finland
  • Lingamfelter Almosara, HeidiYellow Katsura Tree LeafUSA
  • MacDonagh, KateVoice Ireland
  • MacDonagh, KateOchre LightIreland
  • Mack-Watkins, JenniferThe LetterUSA
  • Masuda, MasahiroDiary301Japan
  • Masuda, MasahiroDiary401Japan
  • Maurstig, KarenUnfolding LandscapeNorway
  • Maurstig, KarenHavrandNorway
  • McKenna, TerryFull Moon Mount buningyongAustralia
  • McKenna, TerryEvening Bell BlampeidAustralia
  • Metz, DeborahSpringdayAustralia
  • Moilanen, TuulaHorror Vacui / Horror Plenus (Art Book, pair)Finland
  • Morinoue, HirokiThin IceUSA
  • Morinoue, HirokiBleached CoralsUSA
  • Morinoue, SetsukoMizumo Oshinohakkai IJapan/USA
  • Murata, MinakoTree’s FeelingsJapan
  • Murata, MinakoThat Would Be Lovely (Art Book)Japan
  • Muto, YuzuruSpread Our WingJapan
  • Muto, YuzuruAt the Time of CalmJapan
  • Nam, YoonmiPOP CORN!USA
  • Nam, YoonmiPromiseUSA
  • Nault, RayYugenUSA/Japan
  • Neal, FlorenceWater WaterUSA
  • Neal, FlorenceChattahoochee: 29.9.0117USA
  • Ninomiya, MiyukiWhite BubbleJapan
  • O, MiaRed LandscapeSo. Korea/Japan
  • Olanna, KarenOn the BeachUSA
  • Olanna, KarenClimate ChangeUSA
  • Ponte , Hellory Maria NellaBamboo at Maxim MoonlightItaly
  • Ponte , Hellory Maria NellaBijingaItaly
  • Rushforth, SusanDrift 1Australia
  • Rushforth, SusanDrift 2Australia
  • Satake, HirokiGreeting flower (Yukari Ota “Frame” by bozzo) Japan
  • Satake, HirokiGreeting flower (Project Oh!yama “Holstein” by bozzo)Japan
  • Schofield Lucy & , Brisson-Darveau, GuillaumeThe Moon & The Sledgehammer (phases 1 – 6)UK/Canada
  • Schofield Lucy & , Brisson-Darveau, GuillaumeThe Moon & The Sledgehammer (phases 7 -12)UK/Canada
  • Shine, CathrynFloodNew Zealand
  • Stone, AndrewModern Miracles (Rain for Aleppo)Italy
  • Stone, AndrewBoteh (paisley)Italy
  • Stone, FaithTara with dragon, phoenix and i’ili birdsUSA
  • Strand, Elisabet AlsosPorthole VNorway
  • Syposz, ValerieThat is AllCanada
  • Syposz, ValerieFemalesCanada
  • Takada, YoheiTimeJapan
  • Takada, YoheiAquariumJapan
  • Takashi, RyoichiBamboo Unbrella-Makers, Pathein, MyanmarJapan
  • Takashi, RyoichiTyphoon #10, 2016 Iwaizumi, Iwate, JapanJapan
  • Vollmer, AprilLove Beyond ReasonUSA
  • Vollmer, AprilThe Architecture of DesireUSA
  • Watanabe, KanakoAsagakuruJapan
  • White, MargaretLuminous: LunaAustralia
  • Wilding, LanaMokuhanga OrchidAustralia
  • Wilding, LanaMokuhanga StaghornAustralia
  • Wozniak, Aleksander FujiPoland
  • Wozniak, Aleksander CloudsPoland
  • Yasui, MeredithFree RangeUSA
  • Yates, TrishWandering the Eucalypt ForestAustralia

The winner of the “AWAGAMI PAPER AWARD” shall receive 100 sheets of Awagami Editioning Papers ($500 US value)

Application Deadline NOW CLOSED:

Guidelines for Online Submissions

  1. Open to all artists 18 years or older; emerging and established artists are welcome.
  2. Medium: prints and books must include elements of mokuhanga, Japanese water-based woodcut technique. The exhibition will promote the incorporation of traditional mokuhanga printmaking in contemporary printmaking, which is the mission of the International Mokuhanga Conference.
  3. Submission is limited to up to two works.
  4. All work must be original and created within the past two years.
  5. The paper size for submitted prints must not exceed 48 x 48 inches (122 cm); artists’ books must not exceed 18 inches (45 cm) on the longest side.
  6. Images submitted should accurately represent the work and be in JPEG format, 2MB maximum file size. Be prepared to submit the following when applying online: artist, title, year completed, printing method, size in inches, retail price and a brief artist statement of no more than 1,000 characters (around 100 words) describing your work.
  7. Notification of acceptance and specifications for shipping will be sent to accepted artists after May 1, Monday, 2017.