Inter-Nation & Interpretation

The satellite venue of the Second International Mokuhanga Conference will host a cross-cultural program entitled “Inter-Nation & Interpretation” with the aim of facilitating dialogue on printmaking studios and residencies around the world. While the main program of IMC2014 will focus on the discussion of mokuhanga-related subjects, participation in this satellite program is open to people from a wide range of printmaking studios, including those whose specialty may be different from mokuhanga.

Artist-in-Residencies (AIR) have provided great opportunities for artists to exchange ideas as well as information on printmaking tools, techniques, and materials particularly suited to water-based mokuhanga. The first International Mokuhanga Conference (IMC) was launched in response to a demonstrated need to exchange academic information about mokuhanga, in conjunction with the technical dimension of the Artist-in-Residency. In this context, IMC2014 will continue to push forward the importance of AIR programs and encourage networking among different kinds of printmaking studios and AIR around the world.

This cross-cultural dialogue event consists of the following three programs in which directors of printmaking studios and residencies will be invited as panelists from such countries as Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Italy, Japan, Netherland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the UK and the US.

  1.  Roundtable: Directors Meeting
  2.  Panel and Forum
  3.  Print Exhibition and Catalogue Showcase

*These programs will be organized in co-operation with cultural organizations abroad. The venues will be 3331 Arts Chiyoda and other galleries and art centres in Tokyo. Apart from the Directors Meeting, entry is free and open to the public.