Paper Dialogue – Printmakers Meet Papermakers

Satellite Site provides a rare opportunity for both printmakers and papermakers to meet and exchange views on washi as printing papers. This event will start by a keynote lecture on “The role of Washi in creating the printed image” by Elspeth Lamb (the author of “Papermaking for Printmakers”), and subsequently lead to a discussion of a wide range of issues particularly in paper’s production, features, distribution and so on.

Date and Time:  September 11 Thu. 2014, 19:00-21:00
Admission Free
Registration is required from here in order to attend this program.


* Mokuhanga’s low environmental impact, safety and creation of uniquely soft textures owe much to the nature of the materials used. Mokuhanga artists attach great importance to the nature of their tools and materials. They are always eager to acquire more knowledge. Paper suitable for Mokuhanga needs to be strong enough to withstand rubbing and to be able to absorb paint. Washi paper, made from fibre, is often said to be the most suitable. However, the nature of this type of paper can still vary, depending as it does on its thickness, weight, the type, length and character of the fibre and even the way in which it is combined with other material, so that extensive knowledge and experience of printing are required in order to select the right kind of paper. This dialogue will enable printmakers and papermakers to exchange views on print paper.