Takuhon(Rubbing) & Small Kakejiku(Scroll)

Takuhon & Small Kakejiku workshop will be organized by Mr. Kashu Yabuta as the related programme of IMC2014.

Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda B104
Date: Sept. 15 (Mon) 13:30 – 18:00(Two workshops will be organized together.)
Instructor: Kashu Yabuta – the chair of Japan Hanging Scroll Association and Takuhon, Rubbing art, Institute
Entry: To participate in the workshop, please send by e-mail your name, address, telephone number, occupation, and the name of a workshop in which you want to participate, to the following address.
Kashu Yabuta: sogeisha(a)gmail.com  *Please change(a)to @.

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Part I Takuhon (Rubbing)

Entry Fee ¥2,000 (material included / tax excluded)
Date/Time Sept. 15 (Mon) 13:30 -14:30

Takuhon is the copy technique in ancient China much to do with woodblock prints and other printing which developed afterwards. In China, characters were considered very important, so people copied it from the monuments directly, admired them and practiced through copying it by brush again. The Takuhon technique was introduced to Japan mainly to be used archaeology and excavation fields. In China, there has been professional Takuhon craftsmen until now leaving a lot of rubbing pieces. In Japan, on the other hand, it started its history as a part of historical study, then has been changed into a hobby and art form as the main stream. Takuhon technique is simple and easy, how about trying it with us?

Part II Small Kakejiku(Scroll)craft

Entry Fee ¥5,000 (material included / tax excluded)
Date/Time Sept. 15 (Mon) 15:00 -18:00

* Bring a piece of woodblock print ( postcard size to A5 size ) if you have.
* We prepare some of these at the workshop to sell

Hanging Scrolls, Kakejiku, is an art to decorate paintings and calligraphy. It was born in China and became flourished here in Japan.The Kakejiku scroll style is ideal to preserve the art pieces in it well and handy, since it can be rolled up from its full size to the compact size easily. The regular Kakejiku craft requires at least one month for backing textile by Japanese papaer and glue, then drying it repeatedly. In this workshop, we will use the special paper with glue on its back and the iron to shorten this process. It is not the proper way to make bigger scrolls nor the scrolls for the precious art pieces. This workshop is the ideal introduction of the whole process of Japanese traditional Kakejiku craft by making a small sized scroll

Instructor’s Biography

Kashu Yabuta

Kashu was born in Kyoto in 1939. He graduated Kyoto city Univ. majored in Japanese literature. He runs ” Sogeisha ” the academic publisher in Kyoto. Kashu is the chairperson of Japan Hanging Scroll Association and Takuhon, Rubbing art, Institute. He also is one of the auditors of the Historical sites and arts study group.
He introduces Japanese traditional art through workshops to overseas.

2001 Workshop in World Wood-block Prints Conference in Finland
2011 Various workshop in the U.K.

Kashu’s distinctive Hanging Scrolls exhibitions have been held at the major galleries such as Kyukyodo in Ginza.
He teaches Takuhon(Japanese Rubbing art) and Kakejiku(Japanese Hanging Scrolls)at plenty of schools across Japan like the culture schools to share the enjoyment with many students whoever are interested in it.
Kashu appears on TV to introduce Kakejiku quite often. His hanging scrolls has been used as the background decoration of TV programs by TBS.

He also was selected the important master of Kakejiku for the NHK program, Begin Japanology ” Kakejiku ” to introduce Japanese culture.

Kashu is the lecturer of Nagoya Art University where he has the annual program of Japanese traditional Art “Kakejiku ” every year.

” Making Gaku : flamed art and Byobu : folding screen ”
” The Technique of Scrolls and Traditional Folding style Books ”

Photo collections of Kashu Scrolls
” Collaboration with Rubbing ”
” Collaboration with Calligraphy ”

Web Scroll&Screen http://www.hyougu.com
Takuhon(Rubbing) http://www.takuhon.com