Laura Bortoloni

Laura Bortoloni, visual communication designer and teacher, is the creative director and co-founder of Ida Studio, award winning practice for visual communication based in Rovigo, Italy.
Born in 1980, Laura trained as a graphic designer at ISIA in Urbino, graduating with laude in 2005. She specialized in visual identity systems and branding, mainly for the culture industry. She also works as a graphic recorder and graphic facilitator at conferences, workshop, events. Since 2018 she is a lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture, Design Department, at the University of Ferrara. She held workshops and courses in Italy and other European countries. With her practice she is exploring the concept of transmediality in visual narratives, through projects like the interactive documentary, or the data visualization workshop “Do you know me?”. She is fond of letterpress. She has been experimenting with the medium within “Tipolesine” project since 2008, collecting and printing wood type crafted in the early 20th century in Northern Italy.
In 2020 she discovered mokuhanga and trained with Mara Cozzolino. She is interested in both the expressive possibility of wood and the idea of modularity, repetition, variations. She loves to mix different technique. Having been practicing mokuhanga for just one year, she thinks of herself as a newbie with this medium, but she is eager to study and find out a personal narrative and visual approach. Instagram: @testadifilo Instagram: @lalaurabortoloni

  • Image 01 : 2021 Quantification of dust 21 x 29,7 cm mokuhanga

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